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Only at the Lighthouse Baby!

A little something about who we are

It started as a joke, thrown out there during a night of drinking. Our father had just passed away and my brothers and I were talking about what to do with the Olde Lighthouse Diner that we just inherited. Bull doze the old building or clean it up and rent it. Those were the sane and logical options being discussed. Sometime during the night one us floated the idea of renovating it and running it ourselves. We all laughed and continued our night of drinks and memories of our Dad and never mentioned it again.


But something happened that night, the seed was planted and started to grow. We were raised in the restaurant business and my younger brother and I have worked in them in every capacity for most of our lives. What started as a joke started to seem not so crazy. It was not that long before my brother and I were eating our way through the South and developing the menu and concept for the Diner. The rest as they say is history. We hope you enjoy the restaurant that we made. It's based on the places we used to go as kids when family restaurants didn't mean fast food. They were family run restaurants where regular folks could go and get a good meal for a reasonable price. Where you celebrated birthdays and mourned after funerals. Thank you for taking the time to look at our website and we hope you stop by and join for us a meal or a drink.

Ryan, Rich & Kevin Perez

Proud Proprietors of the Lighthouse Diner

Throw Back Tuesdays & $1 Kids Day

cooking like grandma used too

$8.99 Chicken Pot Pie Blue Plate Special

baked goodness topped with a puff pastry crust in

a cast iron skillet


$8.99 Liver & Onions Blue Plate Special

cooked the old fashioned way, seared brown & served with your choice or 2 sides




no event to small or too large

Looking for a place to have your son or daughter's birthday or some one to do all the work at your house? Looking for a reliable caterer to provide that distinctive touch to your business lunch? Well look no further, we are a full service caterer as well as a comfort food family restaurant. Take a look at our catering menu, in addition to the menu our chefs can cook any dish or cuisine you are interested in. Contact our catering specialist to find out what we can do for you!

Private Dining Room

no event to small or too large

We have a private dining room that sits up to 70 people. Whether it is a party, office meeting or family gathering we can set the room to your liking, Large screen TV with full AV set up for all of your needs.

Meatloaf Mondays

c'mon who doesn't like meatloaf

$8.99 Meatloaf Blue Plate Special

baked goodness topped with a puff pastry crust in

a cast iron skillet




Fish Fridays

we source as much seafood as we can locally

$8.99 Fish Fry Blue Plate Special

beer battered market fresh fish served with French fries and tartar sauce



Fisherman Tacos

chefs weekly market fresh fish tacos preparation


Smokin' Saturdays

we smoke all of our meats in house baby!!

House Smoked St. Louis Ribs

1/2 rack of slow smoked ribs with choice of side


BBQ Platter

Ribs & Pulled Pork with 1 side




Double Enchilada Thursdays

Our 2nd restaurant is a Mexican restaurant, so we know Enchiladas

Every Thursday

Enchiladas Perez are $8.99

plus a Chef's Special Enchilada Dish

slow roasted pulled chicken stuffed in 2 corn tortillas baked in red mole with blended cheese, topped with red onions, sour cream & pico de gallo. Served with white rice & black bean hummus.


Every Thursday we prepare a unique Enchilada preparation in addition to the Enchiladas Perez that is on the menu.

Wednesdays is Sausage Day

We make all of our Sausages right here in the Lighthouse Diner

Our Homemade Sausage Platter is $8.99

choice of any 2 of our home made sausages served with garlic potatoes, sauté onions, sauerkraut & whole grain mustard


try some of our signature dishes, Only at the Lighthouse Baby!

Try our House Smoked Pulled Pork or Brisket with Roasted Root Vegetables

Try our Home Made Southern Style Empanadas that Sara makes fresh for us daily.  We always have a large variety which we serve with salsa verde & pico de gallo

No store bought jelly here. Try our House Made Mixed Berry Jam, either on your toast or in our Stuffed French Toast!!

One thing my brothers and I love are Eggs Bene. We have a large and crazy selection of Bene's on the menu. From Crab & Fried Green Tomato to our Home Made Sausage with braised greens on a biscuit. Take a look at our menu to see them all and follow us on social media to see all of our crazy bene specials we do on the weekends!


we offer a large selection of Florida Craft Brews, Specialty Cocktails, Hard Shakes & Wine

Old School Diner

just some old pics of the Diner from way back when


Mon — Sun: 6:30am — 4pm



1510 N US HWY 1, Jupiter, FL 33469




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Only at the Lighthouse Baby!
Only at the Lighthouse Baby!
Only at the Lighthouse Baby!